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The AI Forensics International Technical Working Group (AITWG) is a collective of experts passionate about enhancing AI Forensics to fortify AI Security. The group aims to equip authorities with unified methods and a comprehensive socio-technical infrastructure for effectively attributing AI-related incidents. Since its launch, the AITWG has emphasized cultivating AI Forensic excellence, hosting Defcon prize challenges and rewarding creative techniques for tracking and characterising AI systems, datasets, and models.

AI Forensics

AI is making more and more decisions that affect our daily lives without human oversight. As AI acts increasingly autonomously, there is a risk that its actions could lead to accidents, harm, or violations of regulations. AI forensics will be a crucial part of any response plan for incidents caused by AI. The ability to properly collect and preserve digital evidence as AI systems are investigated and to conduct forensic analysis will provide vital insights into an AI system's history, origins, and misuse.


Working Group

AI Forensics encompasses both technical analysis and investigative processes. For this reason, the AITWG comprises experts including AI scientists, legal authorities, cyber incident responders, and information security professionals affiliated with industry, academia, and government.

Outreach is a primary goal of the AITWG. The working group shares recent progress in AI forensic analysis and interpretation with the broader community who can benefit from these advancements. Affiliated partner organizations include standards bodies, industry groups, academic institutions, and global AI safety coalitions.



As a technical working group, the AITWG's priorities include identifying forensic requirements for AI systems, evaluating current capabilities, and recommending cooperative measures to ensure global preparedness for responding to AI incidents. An objective is to encourage rigorous peer review of AI forensic methods. These goals are met through regular meetings, exercises, publications and prize challenges.



The AITWG is a collaborative platform for professionals engaged in AI Forensics. It seeks to improve AI forensic practices and share knowledge across various sectors, including legal, cybersecurity, and academia, to respond effectively to AI-related incidents. Membership is open to all interested parties committed to developing the field of AI Forensics.

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